Proposition 15 for Transit

Transit service across the Bay Area is at-risk as transit agencies struggle with the public health and economic crises brought on by COVID-19. VTA, SFMTA, AC Transit, BART and many other transit agencies have or are considering deep service cuts to off-set lost revenues, including fares. These cuts threaten lifeline bus and train service for communities that rely on transit, including low-income people and people of color. The cuts also undermine California's climate goals as many people will simply choose to drive carbon-emitting automobiles. Transit agencies may face a potential severe decline beyond COVID-19 as riders and fares never come back.

Long-term, Federal investment is required to seriously address the precarity of transit. But Bay Area transit riders have a chance to fight austerity head on by voting Yes on Prop. 15 on November 3, 2020. Prop. 15 closes a corporate property tax loophole that allows commercial landlords and large corporations, including Chevron, Disney and large tech companies, to pay low taxes on their real estate. Prop. 15 does not affect homeowners or tenants and has special exemptions and even tax relief for small businesses. But most importantly Prop. 15 would add significant revenues to the Bay Area's local governments and transit agencies.

If Prop. 15 passes:

- SFMTA would receive an additional $45 million per year

- AC Transit would receive an additional $30 million per year

- BART would receive an additional $5 million per year

- All nine Bay Area counties would see hundreds of millions of additional dollars each year, which could be used to support local transit agencies.

For these reasons, join us in supporting Proposition 15. Take action including signing our petition, and signing up for activities including phone banking, text banking, and flyering (see actions on this page)


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