Raising Civic Literacy: Policy Advocacy

On February 12, February 26, and March 19, the Cobb County Democracy Center will offer training to the community regarding opportunities to increase our knowledge and become effective advocates to influence public policy. Please contact ben@centerforcomonground.org or monica@centerforcommonground.org for more information.  

To register for the events, click on the Action on the right to send an RSVP. You will be sent the Zoom link when you register.

February 12, 2022 - PART 1: Awareness and understanding of policy advocacy
This session will introduce the basic elements of policy advocacy and provide definitions of key concepts. The desired outcome is to build a communal understanding of the advocacy process and the intended impact to effect desired change.

February 26, 2022 - PART 2: Training for policy advocacy
This session will train the participants in the use of advocacy tactics and strategies to formulate and influence policy including the construction of an advocacy plan using an evidence-based approach.

March 19, 2022 - PART 3: Transition from theory to practice
This session will transition the participants from theory to practice. A collaborate process will be used to identify 2-3 real issues that currently impact the quality of life of residents in our county that require  the attention of and action from advocates.

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The Cobb County Democracy Center is a non-partisan, local resource to provide ongoing, year-round civic engagement activities and opportunities to achieve meaningful progress on local, state and federal issues of importance to residents of under-resourced communities of color. We will offer information and resources to help citizen leaders and community members navigate state and local government; engage with elected officials, government agencies, public commissions, and boards; and testify at public hearings. The Cobb County Democracy Center will also serve as a hub for community forums as well as educational, organizing and engagement opportunities.

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