#RejectRao Days of Action (Tues, March 11th-Wed, March 12th)

Neomi Rao — who has a record of hostility to survivors, disabled people, LGBTQ people, people of color and more — has been nominated for Brett Kavanaugh's former seat on the DC Circuit Court.

Women's March and CPD Action are teaming up to organize two impactful, NON-ARRESTABLE days of birddogging and direct action to make sure that the Senate knows that we #BelieveSurvivors and #RejectRao.

We demand that they vote NO on Tuesday's cloture vote and NO on Wednesday's confirmation vote. Join us and fight like women's lives depend on it — because they do! A vote for Rao to fill Kavanaugh's seat is a vote for a judge who blamed sexual assault survivors for being attacked, suggested that Yale lowered its standards to admit people of color, and demeaned LGBTQIA+ people, marriage equality, and environmentalism. She has made disparaging remarks about people with disabilities and even defended "dwarf tossing."

She is already putting her rhetoric into policy. As the head of a federal government office, many of the Trump Administration's attacks on our rights have come across her desk, including rolling back protections for survivors of sexual assault on campuses and dismantling protections against race-based housing discrimination. Her office is finalizing a policy that would allow health care providers to deny care based on "conscientious objections" - in other words, LGBTQ communities and people seeking reproductive care.

She doesn’t belong on the federal bench. DC circuit courts have been the last line of defense for survivors, for youth, sick people, disabled people, low-income communities, women seeking reproductive health care, undocumented immigrants and refugees, people from Muslim-majority countries, trans and queer Americans, and every community that has been targeted by Trump's administration.


Tuesday, March 12th
10AM - Birddog Training at Hart Atrium
12PM - Rally at SCOTUS
2/3PM - Cloture Vote
4PM - Birddogging

Wednesday, March 13th
9AM - Birddog Training at Hart Atrium
10AM-4PM - Day of Action
4/5PM - Final confirmation vote

JOIN US • Tuesday, March 12th and Wednesday, March 13th • Washington DC • SIGN UP FORM: bit.ly/rejectrao •