Repeal Release Campaign


Many of our elected officials made a campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We think it is time that they are formally released from that promise so they can feel free to pursue meaningful health care changes that will positively impact all constituents, not harm them.

If you agree, reach out to your Senators or Representatives to let them know you support #NoMoreRepeal!

Click on the Release From Campaign Promise to Repeal ACA action tile to the right to get started. If you live in KC we have customized actions for our members of congress. They are also located to the right or you can find their name on the list below to download forms to print and mail/email.

Send your member a letter and we will make sure leadership in the House and the Senate receive a copy too!

Senator Jerry Moran
Senator Pat Roberts
Representative Kevin Yoder

Senator Roy Blunt
Representative Sam Graves
Representative Vicky Hartzler

If you want to print and hand deliver or mail your release instead of submitting them electronically click here for general instructions.

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