Sanctuary Campuses: Get Involved


The sanctuary campus movement calling on campuses to provide a safe space for undocumented students has been growing quickly since the election. In November the AAUP issued a statement saying the following about sanctuary campuses: "Of special importance is the status of those among our students who are undocumented, many of whom have been in this country since early childhood. Concern for the welfare of these students has already prompted a rash of petitions calling on colleges and universities to become "sanctuary campuses." We support the movement for sanctuary campuses." Read the full statement, The Atmosphere on Campus in the Wake of the Election, here.

The AAUP will continue to provide information, action opportunities, and updates through the coming months. Below are some resources about the sanctuary campus movement.

AAUP Chapter Statements on Sanctuary Campuses:

Whitman Chapter

AAUP University of Washington Chapter Statement

News & Updates

The Anti-Authoritarian Code of Conduct (Inside HigherEd)