Say Thank You to a Correctional Employee

National Correctional Officers and Employees Appreciation Week, May 5-11, is an opportunity to thank those who place themselves in harm's way, every day, in order to support the mission of prisons and jails across the United States. Protecting the public by managing offenders in safe environments is not just the common goal during each shift, but the promise of commitment made by these public servants.

OCSEA Correctional officers and other treatment and support staff put themselves in harm’s way to advance a mission of protecting the public, staff and inmates, while at the same time helping offenders to change their behavior to become better human beings. The task of returning individuals back to their communities better than when they left becomes more of a daunting challenge as departments are tasked with doing more with less.

Tell a Corrections employee how much you appreciate them. OCSEA will post those "thank you" messages on social media, on the OCSEA website and more. If you know someone in your family, community and union in the correction field, let them know how much you appreciate their public service to Ohio.

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All corrections staff need the public's thanks and appreciation, and with all the apparent challenges to the job, why do men and women choose to be correctional officers? One reason: pride in work well done and an incredible understanding of how professional offender management protects all Americans. Learn more about how OCSEA and the Ohio Dept. of Corrections are working together to recruit corrections public servants that make Ohio safe and secure every day.

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