Secwepemc Say No to TMX - Trial Support

Eight arrested land defenders are being charged with criminal contempt of court. Trials will take place in Tk'emlups (Kamloops Court) in two periods from August 3rd - 13th, where defendants will assert Secwepemc rights and title.

Those facing sentencing include: Hereditary Chief Sawsess who tried to leave the area and was stopped and detained by police; Miranda Dick, Secwepemc Matriarch who was performing ceremony; Billie Pierre from the Nlaka'pamux Nation who was violently abused by more than 8 male police officers who were not wearing masks ; and April Thomas, Secwepemc woman who also was taken by police as she left the site when no one was watching and who was not read her rights. In addition there are four settler supporters: Romilly Cavanaugh, Heather Lamoureux, Susan Bibbings and Laura Zadorozny. Please support preparations for this unprecedented jurisdictional case.

These land defenders are clear: the colonial courts have no moral jurisdiction on unceded Secwepemcúl’ecw. These courageous eight continue to stand for collective rights to clean water and food sovereignty.

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We are grateful for your consideration towards this collective effort.

In solidarity,
Rita Wong
on behalf of the StopKM Legal Defence Fund

(current board members include June Bird, Irina Ceric, Stephen Collis, Peter McCartney, Cecilia Point, and Rita Wong. We’d also like to thank Harjap Grewal for having served on the board and Kris Hermes for all his legal support work over the past two years.)

we gratefully acknowledge we are on unceded Coast Salish lands, where we work to be better relatives with the peoples of this land
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