Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Missouri, December 4


Hello fellow Missourians,

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week at the "United We Stand: No Hate! No Trump Jr! No Kobach!" rally last week. We had a great, diverse turnout that impressed even seasoned activists. It was fantastic to be working with so many groups that share the same ultimate goal, to defeat Donald Trump and elected officials who would expand racist, nativist, and anti-immigrant policies. The fight will continue. Indivisible!! Check out our event recap here!

In National News, Senate Republicans, including Senator Blunt, voted in the dark of night to pass a tax bill that will be a nightmare for middle class families. We must hold them accountable.

In Missouri news, State Representative Bruce Franks Jr was arrested protesting racism in St Louis, Union workers will get a chance to be heard on the November 2018 ballot, Governor Greitens finally completed his hostile takeover of the Missouri Department of Education, and Missourians will have a little more time before needing to use passports for air travel. Check out all the details in our NEW weekly Missouri news summary!

In Indivisible KC this week, we have consolidated our week of events into one nicely packaged menu for you! Take a look at each event we have for this week by clicking on the tiles to your right.

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