Stop HB 307 - No Guns in Schools or On Campus in New Hampshire

We need your help now to defeat a new bill in the New Hampshire House of Representatives (HB 307) that would prevent any regulation of firearms and knives in public K-12 school districts, college & university buildings and other municipal properties.

HB 307 is moving quickly and will have its first committee meeting tomorrow Wednesday at 11am (Feb. 10th).  Join The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus and our allies, including GunSense NH, a project of Granite State Progress, to stop this dangerous bill from moving forward.


Click the link below and follow the prompts to record your opposition to the bill with the NH House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. It only takes a minute. See the screen shot below for reference on how to complete the form.  You can register your opposition to the bill with this tool (and even testify, but not necessary).

Sign up to testify or sign in opposition here using this link:


HB 307 would block all regulation of firearms and knives in municipal, school district, and public college and university buildings, and property. The bill would also add new punitive measures to intimidate and punish local communities and districts that establish or enforce common sense firearms and knives regulations.

School districts that tried to prevent parents, teachers, staff, or visitors from openly carrying or bringing hidden, loaded guns into schools would be subject to the same punitive measures as other localities. Reminder: New Hampshire already has a preemption law, which broadly prohibits local municipalities and school districts from enacting common-sense firearms regulations. This bill takes that a step further and intimidates local officials from doing anything regarding guns in our high traffic public spaces or learning environments.

If you believe, like we do, that New Hampshire’s public educational spaces should be reserved for learning in a safe environment please take one minute and visit the website to register your opposition to HB 307

Thank you.
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus

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