Strike Ready DSA 2023

UPS Teamster members, the 340,000 non-management UPS workers are covered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), have been organizing escalating contract actions across the country as their contract fight heats up. If they strike, they will need the whole labor movement behind them to show that when we fight, we win!

DSA stands in unwavering solidarity with workers and prioritizes labor solidarity work, so chapters across the country are passing the Strike Ready resolution. Let us know how your chapter is getting STRIKE READY by filling out this form to tell the NLC where the chapter is in the process:

  • The chapter will publicly commit to the national Strike Ready campaign and listening to rank-and-file UPS Teamsters about what support they need throughout the contract fight.

  • The chapter will ask socialist elected officials with connections to their chapter to commit to supporting the Teamsters throughout their contract fight.

  • The chapter will democratically choose at least two Solidarity Captains to liaise with the NLC for coordination on the national campaign to support the UPS Teamsters in their contract fight and ensure they are connected with the NLC and attending Labor Corps Solidarity Calls.  

  • The chapter will review the Strike Ready 2023 Chapter Kit and familiarize members with key concepts of labor solidarity

  • The chapter will systematically ask chapter members to sign the Strike Ready Pledge and identify chapter members to assist Solidarity Captains in local support with chapter listwork and map the local labor community as outlined in the Strike Ready Kit.

  • The chapter will run a fundraiser for the DSA Labor Solidarity fund as a structure test to measure what sort of turnout the chapter can expect at picket lines. The chapter will engage in direct individual outreach to chapter members, including text messages and phone calls, as well as a social media campaign and a fundraising event.

  • The chapter will canvass their membership, local contacts and the community to build support for the UPS Teamsters by asking them to sign the Strike Ready Pledge.
  • The chapter will support escalating contract actions as announced by the IBT, local UPS Teamsters, and the National Labor Commission, and will turn out members and community supporters to show up at the picket line or the contract ratification celebration.

  • After the fight, the chapter will use the excitement generated by the contract fight to recruit chapter members to commit to the rank and file strategy and debrief on experience to prepare for future labor solidarity actions.  

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