Tacoma Art Museum: Recognize our union!

Many people stand with fists raised in the air behind a banner reading "we are TAM Workers United"

TAM Workers United needs your support to pressure the Museum's Board of Trustees to grant voluntary recognition now! Check out the actions to the right to get involved by:

  1. Write to the Board to call for voluntary recognition now!
  2. Join us at one of our weekly informational leaflets outside of TAM on Thursday evenings when the museum receives the most visitors to spread the word about our campaign. Your group can also sponsor a flyering night by emailing us here.
  3. Community Solidarity Committee Meetings, and more!

We have been calling for voluntary recognition since we went public with our union in October 2022 and hosted a large solidarity rally at the end of October in Tollefson Plaza to call on the Museum to respect our right to organize.

The Board responded with union busting and voted to deny us recognition in November 2022. Since then, they have refused to meet with us.

We are fighting for a union for ALL eligible museum workers. The Board has suggested they will only accept a union election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board. However, this means that our colleagues in security will be forced out of the union due to outdated labor laws. Unfortunately, other museums that have denied voluntary recognition has not only used NLRB elections to eliminate security guards from worker unions, but to also challenge the eligibility of other workers, especially visitor services.

We know our rights: we can all legally be in one union together if TAM simply respects our right to organize and grants voluntary recognition.

Help us continue our fight!

Website: http://tamworkers.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tamworkers/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamworkers