Time is Running Out for These Good Enviornmental Bills

We need your help to get six pro-environment bills moving in the Texas House before the session ends.

Call the members of the House Committee on Calendars to ask that they set these bills on the calendar for a vote by the full House.

These are the phone numbers for the members of the committee:

  • Chairman Dustin Burrows: 512-463-0542
  • Vice Chair Joe Moody: 512-463-0728
  • Representative James Talarico: 512-463-0670
  • Representative Ana Hernandez: 512-463-0614
  • Representative Toni Rose: 512-463-0664
  • Representative Cody Harris: 512-463-0730
  • Representative Cole Hefner: 512-463-0271
  • Representative Shelby Slawson: 512-463-0628
  • Representative Ben Leman: 512-463-0600
  • Representative Jared Patterson: 512-463-0694
  • Representative Tom Craddick: 512-463-0500

Sample script for when you get a staffer on the line or voicemail:

Hello, my name is _______ and I’m calling to ask that you please use your position on the Calendars Committee to advance six important bills that will benefit public health and the environment.

SB 398 would establish consumer protections for solar customers and prevent cities from banning solar.

HB 3624 would allow customers with solar to participate in the electric market.

HB 4120 would support the expanded use of electric school buses.

HB 605 would reduce toxic lead in water at public schools.

HB 2221 would establish a planning process for expanding electric vehicle charging.

HB 1820 would strengthen penalties against polluters.

Please put these bills on the calendar for a vote by the full House while there’s still time.

Thank you.”