Together We Shine: Community Solar

Can we build a community solar project?
Can we put together people who couldn't otherwise get solar, with their own #solarpanels somewhere else?     We're going to find out and do it!

For the first time on Long Island, residents, businesses, organizations and maybe even municipalities don't need a roof, sun, or tax incentives to make their own low cost solar energy.

It will provide more affordable power for low and middle income homes, include businesses previously ineligible, connect residents who previously could not be part of the renewables revolution -including renters and condo and co op owners- and will apply to those who couldn't take the incentives before because they didn't have enough taxable income, including retirees.

Be part of a groundbreaking campaign to put the power of the sun in everyone's reach. We will make sure each of us can help find the solutions to expand renewable energy, take action, and prove that together, we shine!

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