Weekly Visits to Wells Fargo

WHAT: As we ramp up to the Third Act Day of Action on March 21, we will show Wells Fargo that we have our eyes on them. As one of the biggest fossil fuel funders, they are responsible for this crisis and we will not let them get away with it.

HOW: We will show up at their branch locations in San Francisco for eight weeks with as a united team of flyerers who will tell the truth.

WHY: Our target is sensitive to pressure that hurts their ability to recruit and retain customers and employees. We don’t expect to convince everyone we talk to that our target is causing harm. We know that our sustained presence will cause concern to branch managers, who will make sure that higher up decision makers hear that they are facing public pressure. In combination with escalating actions this year, our weekly flyering actions will put more pressure than ever on our target to make internal and external policy changes, floundering public statements, and mistakes that cause serious brand damage.