Women send the Senate a message: #DefendRoe

A Supreme Court with two Trump Justices, both guaranteed to opposed Roe v. Wade, is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States.

We need to make sure our Senators know that. Here are two ways to take action:

1) Sign the petition: Sign this petition to tell ALL U.S. Senators that if they vote to confirm Trump's pick on the court, we will vote them out of office.

2) Send your Senators a wire: Hand-deliver your message directly to your Senators' district offices attached to a wire hanger to demanding they vote against confirming Trump's pick. These hangers will serve as a reminder of the measures women were forced to take without access to safe and legal abortions. They will serve as a reminder of how many women will die as a result of a ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade. They will serve as a reminder of how many of their constituents are counting on a vote against Trump's pick.

Whatever action you take, be sure to post about it on socials tagging @womensmarch and using the hashtag #DefendRoe!