Yes on 1 & 3 for a Better Budget and Elected School Committee

Join us to build the Yes on 1 for a Better Budget movement to bring about real budget reform, and Yes on 3 to get an elected school committee in Boston! We will be hosting weekly phone banks to reach as many Boston voters as possible before the general election on November 2, 2021.

Yes on 1 is seeking to reform the city charter to allow Boston City Councilors to better represent our neighborhoods by giving them the tools to amend and improve the Mayor’s budget and, by 2024, create an independent office of Participatory Budgeting to allow Boston residents to propose and vote on parts of our annual budget.

Yes on 3 seeks to bring democracy back to Boston's school governance by changing from an appointed to an elected school committee structure. Question 3 is a nonbinding advisory question on Boston's November municipal ballot that asks, "Should the current appointed school committee structure be changed to a school committee elected by the residents of Boston?"