The Action Network API -- Getting Started Version 1

Note: This documentation describes Version 1 of our API, which is now depreciated. It will continue to work, but it will not reveive any updates or bug fixes. We recommend you use Version 2 instead. Documentation for Version 2 of our API is available here.

The Action Network API allows organizers with Action Network accounts and API keys to interact with the Action Network system. The API supports use cases such as syncing online organizing data (people, email addresses, action histories) with other systems, migrating data between systems, managing subscriptions, pulling embed code for actions into CMS systems, and similar functions.

The API is not intended to enable the creation of a replacement user interface.


Technical considerations

The Action Network API is served in HAL+JSON format. It generally conforms to the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) specification, which can be found at

HAL provides links to make navigation between endpoints and resources easy. In addition, the API is curied, linking directly to documentation within API calls.

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Getting started

API entry point (AEP) is

An API key is required to access the API. API keys are provided by request, and are considered a partner feature. Please contact us to request an API key. Each user account and group on the Action Network has a separate API key allowing you to access that user or group's data.

Once you've been given access to our API, you can generate your key from the API & Sync page, located in the "Start Organizing" menu, in the right column. Once on the page, first choose the list you want to generate a key for. Choosing your personal list will allow you to add actions and people to your personal account's email list. Choosing any groups you are an administrator of allows you to add actions or people to that group's list. After you select the list, you can generate an API key for that list.

Note: Keep your API key secret. Anyone with your API key will be able to access any data in your account. Therefore, the Action Network API is not suitable for front end-only implementations (such as a javascript client), as this could expose your API key to others. You can revoke your key and regenerate a new one from the API & Sync page.

API keys must be sent as a header in this format:

api-key:[your api key here]
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Browsing the API

Once you have your API key, you can try the API using our browser here. Make sure to enter your API key to acces your data.

The browser is extremely useful for getting a feel for how the Action Network API works. It supports GET, POST, PUT and other operations. It is based off of Mike Kelly's HAL browser -- you can read more about it here.

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Tutorials: Making your first calls

Once you have an API key, it's time to make your first calls. We've put together a few tutorial scenarios to help you understand what the API can do.

Or, dive right into the full documentation here.

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