2018 Mass Canvasses

The People's Action Mass Canvass is a nationally coordinated effort to knock on thousands of doors for progressive champions running for office from coast to coast.

Mark your calendars and buckle your seatbelts for what will be an unforgettable election year. People’s Action has already endorsed grassroots progressive candidates around the country and we’ll endorse and canvass for hundreds of additional candidates who commit to run on our Protest to Power Platform.

People’s Action organizations know that our strength is in reaching our own communities — face to face. That’s why we hit the doors talking one-to-one with working-class voters, especially women and people of color, to connect the experience of our lives with the values, policies and candidates who are committed to enact an agenda that puts people and our planet above profits and advances racial and gender equity.

People’s Action organizations will be knocking on doors every fourth Saturday of the month. Sign up with a local event today! For more information, please contact Mehrdad Azemun at m.azemun@peoplesaction.org.
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