2020 Primary Debate Watch Party

Whether at the bargaining table or the ballot box, the AFT provides a vehicle for working people and our communities to build collective power and accomplish what cannot be achieved alone. The more involved our members are, the stronger our collective voice is and the more effective our political role becomes.

With the 2020 presidential election underway, our members’ voices need to be heard. That’s why the AFT executive council approved a presidential endorsement process that aspires to ensure unprecedented member input, with the core objectives of:

  • Expanding opportunities for members to give input and feedback;
  • Keeping our members informed each step of the way;
  • Providing for direct candidate engagement with AFT members to ensure candidates understand and value the issues affecting our members; and
  • Striving for the highest level of member participation ever achieved in an AFT presidential endorsement process.

Debate-watch parties are just one part of the AFT’s effort to ensure maximum member participation in the endorsement process. They help AFT members, and their families and friends, both understand what is at stake in this election and hear the candidates explain their positions in their own words.

Join or host your own AFT debate-watch party!

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