All On The Line House Parties


The All On The Line campaign aims to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government. We're driven by grassroots organizers like you who want to make a lasting impact on the future of their community, state, and country.

We're kicking off this campaign with house parties across the country. Join us for a gathering of friends and family to understand how gerrymandering impacts the issues we all care about and to learn more about this movement.

March 23 is the 9th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law -- and we'll use this opportunity to demonstrate that when it comes to ensuring fair maps, health care, too, is on the line.

House parties will be able to tune into a Facebook Live discussion with the 82nd Attorney General, Eric Holder to better understand what gerrymandering is as well as to build a basic understanding of the broader challenges -- and opportunities -- we will face as a campaign when working towards fair maps for all.

We need everyone's help to achieve a more transparent and equitable redistricting process. With better maps, we can finally have political leaders who are more responsive to the needs of the people they are elected to represent and who are more likely to tackle the big issues facing our country.

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