Cancel ALL student loan debt: week of action!

45 million Americans are burdened with $1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt. We took on this debt to support ourselves and our families, to achieve and succeed in our country the way we were told how -- by going to college. But now we’re suffering. In the middle of a pandemic, with tens of millions losing our jobs and healthcare and limited support from our government, this debt burden is increasing our crisis.

Joe Biden has the authority to cancel ALL federal student loan debt, and on the campaign trail, he committed to cancelling some of it. But, since taking office, he’s done nothing. So, we need to show him how important cancelling all student loan debt is to all of us, and we’re taking action to win it.

Join us for our Cancel ALL student loan debt week of action, March 29 - April 4th, with actions around the country!

We’ll be holding events to demand that President Biden use this authority -- and do it now. Enter your zipcode to find your local event or to organize your own!

And don't forget to join us for our virtual events:

  • Sunday, March 28 @ 4 PM ET / 3 PM CT / 1 PM PT: Celebrate our victories, organize for more: we are going to celebrate another $1 billion in student debt cancelled for 72,000 people and kick of our week of action to fight for full cancellation and College For All. RSVP here.
  • Wednesday, March 31 @ 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 5 PM PT: 100 strikers, 100 stories, installment II featuring the Rev. Dr. Theoharis and the stories of our Biden Jubilee 100 debt strikers. RSVP here.
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