Defend DACA

If far-right Republicans get their way, over one million immigrants could be deported. Texas Attorney General Paxton and others are pressuring President Trump to end the immigration protections of DACA and TPS that millions of us rely on the live, work, and study here.

But here's the thing: We are stronger and we outnumber them. The majority of Americans don't want to see young immigrants deported. Far-right Republicans want the public to believe lies and falsehoods about immigrant youth.

Every story of a young immigrant living, working, and thriving here is a weapon we will use to poke holes in their lies. That's why, on August 15th, we're taking to the streets -- and to the halls of Congress -- to speak our truth.

On August 15th, all across the country, we are showing up and speaking out with, and for immigrant youth. Join a location action or organize one in your city!

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