Families Belong Together - We Demand Justice!

As the Trump Administration drags its heels on reuniting thousands of separated children with their parents, it's time we once again take action and demand a solution to this crisis and dignity for all immigrants. On July 28, we're stepping up to say Families Belong Together: We Demand Justice!

Events can take whatever shape you wish, but we do ask that they be centered around a few key demands (NOTE: These may change slightly or shift in the coming weeks.)

1. We DEMAND that Congress establish a task force dedicated to family reunification. SIGN THE PETITION TO COMPEL CONGRESS TO ACT

2. We DEMAND that families be provided counseling and any other services they require to deal with the trauma inflicted on them by our own government.

3. We DEMAND that this administration and its various agencies; indeed, ANYONE who had anything to do with this policy, be held accountable for this humanitarian disaster.


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