IfNotNow Week of Action to Confront 50 Years of Occupation

June 5th marks the 50th year of the Occupation -- and our generation will no longer be silent in the face of this moral crises.

Join IfNotNow members all across the country in the streets during the week of June 5th to confront our community's support for 50 Years of Occupation.

50 years of Israeli military control that has limited Palestinians’ access to water, healthcare, and safety in their own land. 50 years of sending Israeli teenagers to enforce a system of separation that dehumanizes and endangers both oppressor and oppressed. 50 years of cowardice by the American Jewish establishment, which continuously chooses to hide the truth of occupation and support the denial of human rights in words and dollars.

As we bear witness to the corrosion of our democracy here in the United States, this anniversary is a sober reminder that the struggle for dignity is long but that our call for freedom is as urgent as ever.

We are building an American Jewish community that embodies what we hold most dear in the Jewish tradition -- a belief that everyone deserves freedom and dignity. We know that an end to occupation must be a cornerstone of community, and in this next year we will take risks to bring this future into being.

In this 50th year of occupation, it is time for our generation to rise up and lead our community forward out of a deep commitment and love for the Jewish community. Join us.
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