Lloyd's of London Climate Memorial - #DefundClimateChaos Global Day of Action

Join one of our climate memorials on #DefundClimateChaos Global day of action, October 29th, in Newcastle and London.

We want to shed light onto Lloyd’s of London's appalling environmental record, and the colonialist practices from which Lloyd’s grew. From the insurance of slave ships, to the insurance of climate-destroying projects that dispossess indigenous peoples of their land, Lloyd’s have blood on their hands.

Through the memorial we will bring to life the memories of every person harmed by the injustices of the climate crisis. As people globally face extreme and destructive weather, we will come together to demand care and repair with them.

In London this will be outside Lloyds of London HQ. We'll hear from Pacific Island Warriors, Silver Town Tunnel local campaigners, and others that are suffering climate change impacts and fighting climate wrecking projects. The memorial in London will start at 9AM. The address is: Lloyd's of London HQ, 1 Lime St, London, United Kingdom EC3M 7HA. Contact details: andrew@coalaction.org.uk

In Newcastle, we will be outside the offices of Chubb, one of Lloyd of London's 'syndicates', who are also involved in the insurance of fossil fuel projects, such as the Adani coal mine. We will hear from campaigners opposing the opening of the West Cumbria coal mine, as well as from the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley, who will talk about resistance, loss, and what it means to live with a coal mine on their doorstep. The memorial in Newcastle will start at 3PM. The address is: Rotterdam House,116 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom NE1 3DY. Contact details: rebecca@coalaction.org.uk

How to sign up for updates: RSVP

You can RSVP to the action in London and Newcastle, to sign up for updates. This is not compulsory - you can come along to the memorials without signing up!

To sign up, you can click on the pin in the map, corresponding to where you'd like to attend the memorial. This will open a pop up window with details of the memorial. You can click on the title in bold in that window, and you will be redirected to a page where you can input your details to RSVP.
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