Join us May and June in kicking off the 2015 mobilisation for a world powered by renewables and owned by people - This is YOUR moment!

This map is focused on May and June mobilisations only. Please visit to see the full year  

Join youth activists, faith leaders, and members of labour, development and justice organisations around the world as they take to the streets to call for the just transformation away from fossil fuels to be scaled up so that it can address our biggest problems - climate change, social inequality, unemployment and poverty.

Stand side by side with others to ensure governments know that the people are demanding and driving action - we are building citizen-owned, locally based solutions, and strengthening a movement that will keep growing until we achieve a complete, just transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy in citizens hands. You can stand with us!

We are calling on all people to join together at this vital moment. We need organizers of events or actions and participants willing to call for governments to drive forward the people powered transition to a world free of climate change, unsafe and dirty energy and inequality.
Will you join us and tell government leaders to actively power this transition or face ending up on the wrong side of history?


The international mobilisation have already kicked off (photos here, highlights here) but it is not too late to join in as actions are planned well into June, particularly as some of these mobilisations will focus on the world leaders attending the G7 meetings in Germany and as the important UN climate session in Bonn.

You can support existing mobilisations during this period, or set up your own local or regional action calling for the just transformation away from fossil fuels to be urgently scaled up. If you are interested setting up your own action, it can be related to an important political moment or social issue in your own country or region, as well as the G7 summit or UN climate negotiations.


The global call for climate action will take the message of the transition away from fossils and to renewables to the people - with a range of boots on the ground and online activities. In France, actions, initiatives and demonstrations of all sizes will fill the cities. Other countries will see rallies in front of Parliaments, other direct actions, and citizen involvement at the G7 meetings. There will be concerts that attract audiences in the tens of thousands.

All of this will be backed by online activities, making it possible for people all around the world to voice their call for climate action/justice. We welcome all initiatives of all sizes across the world to join this moment, which can be done as an individual activity or as part of an already planned event.

Any questions or need help?

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