#SayHerName 2018 National Week of Action

We are living in a time where the dignities of Black people are being snatched away through each interaction with the police state and the criminal justice system. It has become fully apparent that the livelihoods of Black people are under attack. But as we fight to seek justice for our people, there seems to be a glaring lack of intentionality around the centering of the experiences and the general protection of Black women, girls, and femmes who are generationally targeted and abused through gendered state sanctioned violence. We can't let that stand. Join us for a #SayHerName National Week of Action to End Violence Against All Black Women, Girls, and Femmes this June 11th through 17th.

Gather your crew and get into these political education events, direct actions, town halls, twitter power hours, art exhibitions, and community conversations. Join them. Plan them. Amplify them. It's been time, and the time is still now. Learn more here.

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