We Need Monthly Payments! "Shake Up Congress" Protest & Car Parade


TAKE ACTION! Be part of the Shake Up Congress CAR PARADE!

#ShakeUpCongress #RecurringCashPayments

WHEN: Saturday, May 16, 2020, 2pm PST / 5pm EST

WHERE: Your City's Government Buildings (See details for each specific event)

Come join a car parade of protesters in your city to tell Congress they must include regular, monthly payments to the people as part of the next stimulus package. These payments must be ongoing for the duration of the crisis so that people have money in their banks to pay for their basic necessities. This will help people, and their spending will help get the economy back up and running!

Here's how you participate in the Shake Up Congress Car Parade:

  1. Sign up to let us know you are participating. Don’t see an event in your town? Become a host to set one up. Click on the "Host" button on this page and follow directions. We'll reach out to share resources and planning tips.

  2. Decorate your car so people know what the parade is all about: here is an easy to print sign, and another one. More will be posted here shortly.

  3. Grab your almost-empty Piggy Bank or Rainy Day Jar that you've been shaking every day at home to use during the parade!

  4. On Saturday May 16th, drive to the location in your city for the parade. Be there by 2pm PST / 5pm EST to join the procession!

  5. Keep driving the designated route around your government buildings for 30 mins. Shake your piggy banks out your window, chant “People Deserve, Recurring Cash Payments”. Have a passenger take videos / photos from your car. Post to social media with #RecurringCashPayments #ShakeUpCongress

  6. At 2:30 / 5:30pm - passengers from cars start to put their Piggy Banks and Jars on the front steps of the govt. building with letters they have written to Congress or signs saying that we need monthly payments during this crisis. Take photos / videos of the experience and post to social media. #RecurringCashPayments #ShakeUpCongress

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