Speak up Against the Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline at a Public Meeting!

June is your chance to speak out against tar sands in Minnesota!

Between June 6 and June 22, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is hosting 22 public meetings across the state about Enbridge's proposed Line 3 tar sands pipeline expansion.

Find a public meeting near you by entering your ZIP code here.

Come out to give your thoughts through public testimony, show strength in numbers (even if you don’t testify, your presence means a lot!), and make sure that all the impacts of this reckless project are properly considered.

These public meetings are specifically in regard to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement—a review document that assesses the possible impacts posed by the pipeline project. Your testimony made during the public meeting should be in regard to this particular document, and organizers will share talking points and a document summary soon. The full DEIS and supplements are over 5,000 pages, which you can read here if you're interested!

These actions are organized by:

Power Shift Network
Sierra Club

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