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In November 2018 we made history. We helped elect an incredible group of Democrats, took back the House, and put a check on the Trump/GOP agenda.

For 2020 we need to think even bigger. We can unseat Trump while electing Democrats in all of the most important races facing our country. It's about winning the White House and the Senate, the House, and races in key states that will determine the way districts are drawn in the future, through a process called redistricting—addressing decades of damage Republican gerrymandering has done by drawing unfair districts and gaming the system.

The grassroots can play a massive role in winning all these pivotal fights in 2020. How do you choose what to work on? Where can you have the most impact?

Good news — you don’t have to choose. Join us to learn about Swing Left's 2020 state-focused strategy and how you can double or triple your impact, from wherever you are, starting right now.

Working together, we can swing Senate seats, the House, the state-level races needed to ensure fair maps in the 2021 redistricting—and the Presidency. Host or attend a Swing Left House party to learn about our game plan and get started.

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