The People's Emergency Pandemic and Police Brutality Response

As a movement-party we recognize the importance of direct action to force corruption out and justice in. And our movement will rise to the occasion of this revolutionary moment.

We will gather at the homes of every U.S. Representative, Senator and the President to demand the passage of The People’s Emergency Pandemic Response and protest the complete failure of both establishment parties to provide for the people during a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and uprising against police brutality.

We demand:
1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services
2. Medicare for all
3. Cover payroll to keep people off unemployment and protect small businesses
4. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all
5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments
6. Suspend student and credit card loan payments

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the United States, we have seen:

A $2 trillion “stimulus bill” that was a cash grab for banks, corporations and the one percent, while struggling working people were thrown scraps

Billionaires enriched by $434 billion while we face the highest unemployment since the Great Depression

Working class families can no longer afford basic needs like food and shelter. Millions cannot pay rent anymore. A third of families with children now don’t have enough to eat. Breadlines have formed across the country and are overwhelmed by thousands.

The communities rising up against police militarization, brutality and white supremacy are the same communities that are being hit the hardest by this pandemic and economic meltdown. The Movement for a People’s Party stands in solidarity with the demands of communities whose pain and struggle have been deeply exacerbated over these past few months.

This is a time to make bold demands for justice. Will you join us?  

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