International Week Of Rebellion: in the United States


APRIL 15-22 2019

Extinction Rebellion UK has called for all XR groups worldwide to take action from April 15-22, 2019.

Extinction Rebellion US (XR US) is answering this call to rebel. We wholeheartedly invite other groups and movements to join in by taking action and/or doing solidarity actions with frontline resistance movements who are using direct action.



Disruption and Solidarity

1) Disruption, Confrontation, and Shut Down - No Business as Usual

We invite everyone who hasn’t already to do the painful work of confronting that fact that we only have 12 years to make the necessary changes to avert an unimaginable climate disaster, and to act accordingly. This is a process that can include anger and deep grief. We join you in this anger and grief. Organizing is the antidote to despair.

Overall, many of us need more courage than hope. Action is our best hope. We invite everyone to join XR in asking: “How will we become the people we need to be in order to do what’s necessary to stop this destruction of all life while we can?"

We call on everyone who knows we are in a climate emergency to use nonviolent direct action to confront, disrupt or shut down:

  • target local, city, state, federal government buildings

  • target fossil fuel companies and infrastructure

  • target local, city, state officials - who gain power and make money while protecting the fossil fuel industry - in their offices or in family friendly protests at their homes and communities

  • target right wing media outlets like Fox News or Breitbart for lying to the people to protect the fossil fuel industry and to enrich themselves

We call on all who can to not just target a location once, but to return, day after day, in creative ways.

Get Involved

For any rebellion to have a chance to exist, or succeed, we need disruption that escalates over time. XR US local groups nationwide have just gotten their start over the course of two months and are made up mostly of people with no activist experience. In January we successfully coordinated our first, small actions as a movement – now begins the work of growing our regional, national and international power.

Our goals for the April week of actions are for all XR US local groups to escalate in scale from previous actions in January. We need support to make that happen. We need trainers and organizers to get involved at the local level to help local XR groups scale up. And we need people to join with XR local groups to plan actions. Please contact us at if you’d like to support.

2) Solidarity

April 15 to 22, 2019 XR US will do solidarity actions for movements resisting the fossil fuel industry that are using direct action and/or offer them direct support, and/or hold fundraising events for them. We call on all environmental groups, and other movements, to use the week of April 15-22, 2019 to do the same.

For any rebellion on the scale we described in the long term strategy section above to have a chance to exist, or succeed, we need true solidarity. So rather than using the April week of actions to focus on building XR US and raising money for it, XR US will use the week of rebellion, in part, to do what rebellions need the most: build solidarity, especially with groups and movements who are fighting the fossil fuel industry using direct action, such as frontline resistance camps and urban and rural environmental justice groups.

True solidarity is the strongest, most important force we can create to see us through the hard times that will come when we collectively try to stop those who will stop at nothing in service to their greed. We don't think a rebellion on the scale that matches other civil resistance movements is possible without changing XR’s current heavily white, male composition. These solidarity actions are meant to be part of building relationships with communities and groups who are most directly impacted by the fossil fuel industry with the hopes of building strong alliances. We are also putting resources and time to increase outreach to traditionally underrepresented groups to build XR US from the ground up, to collectively make XR be what it needs to be, to be effective. We will also be launching a speaking tour that will, in part, be connecting with frontline communities of color and poor communities to do support work and listen and share.

Much love and solidarity to all, see you in the streets.

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