The People’s Hearing on ObamaCare -- Tennesseans Respond to U.S. Senate ObamaCare Hearing at Local #LetUsTestify Watch Parties

Senator Alexander hosted a U.S. Senate Health Committee hearing on the future of ObamaCare, listening to testimony from insurance companies and politicians --- so Tennesseans are responding, with our own testimony.

Join a "People’s Hearing on ObamaCare", where Tennesseans - not politicians and insurance executives --  livestream testimony, stories and our support of the Affordable Care Act to our representatives in D.C.

Tennesseans will share stories on how they are benefiting from key provisions of the Affordable Care Act which Republicans have refused to explain how they would protect if they continue their reckless rush to repeal ObamaCare without first replacing it.

Everyone is welcome to join, no experience necessary. Volunteers will be on hand to show you how to write a letter to your representatives, write letters to the editor, call your rep etc.  

Come join and show your support for the volunteers 'testifying' and sharing their story, and learn how you can take action to defend health care for all.

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