12/11 Rally against Mayor Adam's Cuts

Start: Monday, December 11, 2023 9:00 AM

End: Monday, December 11, 202310:00 AM

New York’s growing affordability crisis is pushing working and middle-class families out of our city. As more and more New Yorkers struggle to afford skyrocketing rents, childcare, and healthcare costs, now is the time for the City to invest in the services and infrastructure that will make our city more livable and equitable. The City’s reserves are steady and its revenue is up; yet the Mayor is slashing City services that millions of working and middle-class New Yorkers rely on each day – for instance, cutting approximately $1 billion in funding for our public education system.

Join the NYC Council Progressive Caucus and a broad coalition of advocates as we push back on the Mayor’s drastic, across the board cuts and rally for alternative measures that balance fiscal responsibility with the urgent need to invest in New York City’s working and middle class communities.

Where: City Hall Park

When: Monday, December 11th @ 9am (before the City Council’s hearing on the November Plan)

What to bring: 5 or more people from your organization and signs!

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