Boston (Allston) Letters to North Carolina Voters---with Some North Carolina BBQ Sliders!

Start: Thursday, August 22, 2019 6:30 PM

End: Thursday, August 22, 2019 8:30 PM

It's time to get to work on 2020!

Help Swing Left Greater Boston and Vote Forward flip one of the most gerrymandered districts in North Carolina, NC-09! We will be writing letters to low-propensity voters who are very likely to vote for Democrats when they do cast a ballot, just in time for the 9/10 election for Dan McCready in NC-09.

We want North Carolina voters to know that :

    • Every voter has the right to be counted
    • Voter suppression and gerrymandering can be overcome
    • Voters want effective government, not partisan politics
    • No Republican seat is safe in 2020
    • Trump’s endorsement doesn’t guarantee victory

Can you help reach these likely-Democratic voters? We will customize, address, and stamp 20 letters each. You can contribute stamps or make a contribution to defray mailing costs. With elections determined by razor-thin margins in key states, your efforts will mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Join other friendly volunteers for some North Carolina BBQ sliders*, and to take back our democracy! Please RSVP on the right side of the screen >>>

Please feel free to have friends, family, and colleagues RSVP and join us as we build the good government we want and deserve! Please make sure they RSVP (or that you RSVP for them) by giving them this link:


Overwhelming evidence showed Republicans committed one of the worst cases of modern election fraud to try to steal this congressional seat. Please consider donating to Swing Left's Dan McCready/NC-09 fund

Swing Left is all about the power of small donations. Please donate what you can.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

*probably North Carolina style (vinegar-based) pulled chicken sliders and vegan coleslaw. Please let us know if you prefer vegan BBQ tempeh.


We are conveniently located in Union Square, Boston (Allston), near the corner of Cambridge and Brighton (near Twin Donuts)! Easy access to bus and train, including: 57 (Kendall-Watertown Square), 64 (Central Square), 66 (Dudley-Harvard Square), B Train (green line), and Boston Landing commuter rail (Framingham-Worcester line).

We will send the address after you RSVP.


Where? This district is located in the the south-central part of the state of North Carolina.

Which voters? We’re writing letters to low-propensity voters who are very likely to vote for Democrats when they do cast a ballot.


About Dan McCready and NC-09

Dan McCready is a Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, husband, and father of four. After serving in the Marines, graduating from Harvard Business School, and working at McKinsey & Company, he started a small business in Charlotte with another Marine. They helped build dozens of solar farms throughout North Carolina, which put 700 North Carolinians to work in good-paying jobs.

Dan lost his bid for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional seat by just 900 votes, but it turns out that his opponent cheated. In March 2019, the North Carolina Board of Elections called for a new election.

This election “redo” pits solar entrepreneur Dan McCready against a nationally known homophobe and the author of North Carolina’s notorious State Senator Dan Bishop or “Bathroom Bill” (sponsor of the bill banning transgender people from using bathrooms). Dan Bishop also voted against a bill allowing pharmacists to discuss lower-cost alternatives with patients.

Swing Left and Vote Forward have launched a national campaign to get 45,000 letters to Democratic voters in North Carolina’s 9th District.  

McCready would be the first Democrat to represent the district in nearly 50 years. Such a victory strengthen the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and would send a message to the world that the Dems are on the rise!

The race is currently neck and neck.

Learn more about Dan.

North Carolina is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, so voter turnout is critical. A high Democratic turnout on September 10 will get Dan elected and will:

  • Help build the political infrastructure to enable North Carolina Democrats to end gerrymandering
  • Flip a Senate seat
  • Put the state’s 15 electoral votes in play
  • Send a powerful signal to volunteers and small-dollar donors around the country that Trump’s racist rhetoric and hateful policies can still be beaten, even on Republican turf


Swing Left 2018: You Did This at (just 3 minutes). We really, really like to watch this video when we need a boost.

Swing Left 2020 strategy video at (just 5 minutes)


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