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Host Guidelines - People v. Polluters Day of Action

This movement is going to take every single one of us. If we can organize millions of us from around the world around our demands we will begin to see real change in COP, our governments. our banks, our universities, and the lands. We would have reclaimed our power back from the fossil fuel industry. However none of this is possible without your help, we need you. We will try to provide as much financial assistance as possible for your organizing endeavors. Before you begin organizing please read through our Constitution below to understand what type of movement we strive to become:

Polluters Out Constitution:
As a movement we must uphold a code of honor that we function by in order to ensure that we are inclusive and respectful to one another and all people as we must be united in our fight against a billion dollar industry that continuously undermines us. Remember we are stronger, together:
- In this movement we are non-violent.
- We extend the hand of friendship always.
- Those on the frontline of any movement should be the ones to lead it.
- We must listen and value the voices of indigenous peoples and their wisdom.
- Marginalized groups should be given the space and ability to speak on behalf of themselves.
- We will not accept corporate money
- We refrain from endorsing politicians but will endorse strong climate policy that will fight the fossil fuel industry
- Always be an ally and open to educating yourself.
- Be respectful and curious about each others strengths, weaknesses and backgrounds.
- We do not tolerate sexism, racism, classism, islamphobic, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia etc.
This international movement. Those of us based in the Global North / Western democracies, particularly those of us who are white, have been taught to think we are at the centre of everything and to speak in that way. We need to notice when we do this, and correct ourselves and each other. We want to remind each other that people in the Global South / majority world countries have been at the forefront of the impacts of ecological destruction, leaving problems for their local communities. Hundreds have been murdered as ecological and indigenous activists. It is also true that it tends to be working class communities that get dumped with environmental issues. Being mindful of tokenism, we look for opportunities to support those who traditionally have less power in our society, to have more of a say. This includes ensuring our spokespeople are often women / black people and people of colour etc.
- At the frontlines of the climate crisis are indigenous people, people of color, and low income communities. Their voices should be prioritized, and their presence in spaces must be valued as their experience and knowledge with this crisis is far greater.
- Use the gender related pronouns people ask you to use for them. Not everyone identifies as the gender they may appear to you and some people identify as not having a gender.

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