A More Coordinated Transit Network: Learning From Other Regions

Start: Monday, October 21, 2019 6:30 PM


How have other regions brought fragmented, disconnected transit systems together to create a more customer-focused network? How can this make transit easier and faster for all while offering climate and equity benefits? In these regards, the Bay Area has a lot to learn from both domestic and international examples. Hear about similar challenges from around the world, specifically Nordic Countries and Germany, and learn what’s possible. Part of TransForm’s Connecting Communities 2019 Speaker Series and co-presented by Seamless Bay Area, SPUR, and Friends of Caltrain.

+ Ian Griffiths / Seamless Bay Area
+ Elias Arnestrand / Nordic Innovation House
+ Wiebke Geldmacher / DB Engineering & Consulting
+ Arielle Fleisher / SPUR

This event is also being hosted in Oakland on October 23rd at SPUR

(Banner Photo by Sergio Ruiz for SPUR)

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