Action idea for Buechel Air Base 2021

Start: Monday, July 19, 202111:00 AM

Location:Büchel Air BaseAm Teich, Buchel, Germany 56823

Host Contact Info: Digging for Life,

We have an action idea and would like to invite you to participate on Monday, July 19, 2021 at 11 am at the Büchel nuclear weapons base with music, a picnic and an action of civil disobedience.

At Büchel Air Base near Cochem on the Mosel River, about 20 U.S. nuclear bombs are stored, which NATO wants to replace in the coming years with new B61-12 bombs. Around the airbase there is a highly armed fence with surveillance cameras, motion sensors and a deep concrete foundation. The last Civil Disobedience actions deliberately cut through the perimeter fence. This time we don’t go through the fence, we go under it. We are digging under it, with the goal of getting to the runway to prevent the launching of Tornados there to practice nuclear war.