AFA-CWA Spirit DTW FA Informational Picket 04.19.2022

Start: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 8:00 AM

End: Tuesday, April 19, 202212:00 PM

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants have had ENOUGH!!!

WE have either heard or experienced firsthand the mismanagement that Spirit Airlines affectionately calls an IROP. As flight attendants, we have been on the front lines dealing with the atrocious mismanagement face to face and have been pushed WAY BEYOND our limits! It is time to show management just how UNIFIED we are!

Contract Violations!!!
Over Worked!!!
No Rest!!!
18+ Hour Duty Days!!!
No Hotels for 6+ Hours!!!
Crew Scheduling Hold Time 2+ Hours!!!

These unsafe working conditions must end NOW!!!


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Monroe, Michigan