Albuququerque Basic Income Day of Action-Inherent Good Screening

Start: Saturday, September 23, 202312:30 PM

Over the last year, our work in the community has shown us that we are collectively concerned about both growing the base of people who understand and support basic income, and in creating the narrative change and culture shift necessary for widespread adoption of the idea. When advocating for basic income, we often come across narratives that are simply not true – from distrust in people living in poverty, to judgements around deservedness, to the fear that people will stop working if we were to have basic income.

So, for our 2023 Day of Action, we want to lean into education and leverage the powerful tools of culture change we already have in our community! Films have been an amazing resource for movements to start conversations, change hearts and minds, and connect everyday people to a movement and the ideas behind them.

Join us in a collective, national Day of Action as we watch films, have discussions, and add our names to the growing list of people who support basic income. We will be screening the documentary Inherent Worth, with a community discussion led by the director of the film, Steve Borst!