Appeal Hearing for Nicetown Gas Plant -- 2nd Part

Start: Tuesday, June 12, 201812:00 PM

End: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 2:00 PM

Join 350 Philly, Neighbors Against the Gas Plants, The Center for Returning Citizens, and allies from across the region as we appeal the air permit for SEPTA's Nicetown gas plant. Please help us pack the hearing room!

What: This is the second part of the hearing before the L&I Review Board that began in April. Community leaders, expert witnesses, and our attorney will present arguments and evidence. We will call for the permit that the City awarded for the gas plant to be canceled. And we’ll press for a full examination of health and environmental impacts that have been ignored or underestimated, as well as complete assessment of alternatives. We want to make sure the room is full of people who oppose the plant.

Why: The Nicetown gas plant would add dangerous pollution to a neighborhood that is already overburdened. The 19140 ZIP code was recently found to have a 31% childhood asthma rate. And the plant would release climate-damaging greenhouse pollution for 20 years, setting back the transition to renewable energy that we urgently need. We are pushing for the City of Philadelphia to protect people’s health and protect a livable climate by rescinding the permit for the plant.

When: Tuesday, June 12th, 12pm to 2pm or later (There will also be a pre-hearing rally from 11am to 12pm. We can't be sure how long the hearing will last, but we expect it to run at least 2 hours. Feel free to join any time and to leave whenever you need to.)

Where: 1515 Arch Street, 18th floor

We'll share more logistical information closer to the date of the hearing. To learn more about the campaign to stop the gas plant, visit

Questions? Contact us at


For more than 2 years, community residents and organizations dedicated to public health and sustainability have been working to stop SEPTA from building a gas-fired power plant in the Nicetown community, while calling on SEPTA to transition quickly to renewable energy. Despite widespread opposition, Philadelphia's Air Management Service office (AMS) gave SEPTA a permit last fall that allows the project to go forward.

Two community leaders--Jondhi Harrell, director of The Center for Returning Citizens, and Lynn Robinson, director of Neighbors Against the Gas Plants--have filed official appeals. The appeals argue that pollution from the gas plant would cause additional harm to residents of a community that is already overburdened. (Read more about the appeal that Jondhi submitted with support from 350 Philly.)

AMS has failed to fully examine the potential health impact of pollution from the plant, and the agency has made several errors. In light of these errors and failures--and a transformative 2017 PA Supreme Court decision that upholds Pennsylvanians' “right to clean air”--we believe the permit should be rescinded.

We also believe that the state government and local governments have a constitutional obligation to take action to stop catastrophic climate change. It is essential for regulators like AMS to fully examine the climate impact of proposed fossil fuel power plants.

On April 17, 2018, the Licenses and Inspections Review Board held a preliminary hearing about our appeal. We testified in support of the appeal, and lawyers for SEPTA at the City defended the permit. Now a second (and final) hearing has been scheduled for June 12th.

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