Apr. 25: Join a Bangladeshi factory fire survivor at GAP: End Sweatshop Death Traps!

Start: Thursday, April 25, 201312:00 PM

Since 2006, more than 600 Bangladeshi garment workers have died in preventable fires while sewing clothing for companies like Gap and Walmart. 112 workers died in a recent fire at a Walmart supplier and 29 workers died at a Gap supplier, but Gap and Walmart are still refusing to pay for reforms and join with other companies in a binding fire safety agreement that includes independent inspections and worker representation. Until there is real change, any day there could be another factory fire with workers locked inside. CALL ON THE GAP TO PAY 10 CENTS MORE PER GARMENT & JOIN A FIRE SAFETY AGREEMENT TO SAVE WORKERS' LIVES! At the protest, meet: SUMI ABEDIN is a Bangladeshi garment worker who survived the November 24, 2012, fire that killed 112 of her coworkers at Tazreen Fashions, a factory that supplied Walmart, Disney, Sears, Dickies, and SeanJohn, and produced US Marines logo apparel for Delta Apparel / Soffe. Sumi was working on the 4th floor of the factory at the time of the fire and survived after jumping from the burning building. "I am going to America to ask the buyers to compensate the affected workers and to improve safety in the factories," Ms. Abedin said in an interview in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, before she left. "No one should die while making clothes." - Wall Street Journal 4/7/2013 KALPONA AKTER is the executive director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity (BCWS), one of Bangladesh's most prominent labor rights advocacy organizations, and is herself a former child garment worker. BCWS is regarded by the international labor rights movement and by multinational apparel companies as among the most effective grassroots labor organizations in the country. Levi Strauss & Co. calls BCWS "a globally respected labor rights organization, which has played a vital role in documenting and working to remedy labor violations in the apparel industry in Bangladesh." Kalpona is an internationally-recognized labor rights advocate and has traveled widely to speak about the deplorable conditions that Bangladesh garment workers face every day. She was interviewed extensively by local and international media following the deadly fire at Tazreen Fashions in November 2012. This action is sponsored by Corporate Action Network, International Labor Rights Forum, San Francisco Jobs with Justice, SumOfUs, SweatFree Communities, and United Students Against Sweatshops, and it's part of the "End Gap & Walmart Death Trap Factories: Safe Workplaces for All" 10-city tour, April 8-26, 2013. More info: http://laborrights.org/gappetition and http://bit.ly/EndDeathTrapsTour Spread the word on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/557689770917918
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