April FERC meeting meet up

Start: Thursday, April 20, 2023 9:00 AM

Meet us at the April FERC meeting! FERC is the most climate-destroying agency (most) people have never heard of! They oversee an (more than 98% of the time) approve all inter-state gas infrastructure, including big Pipelines like the MVP, as well as gas export terminals and more. They could play a big role in the transition to renewable energy too, but they have chosen (and been forced by Sen Joe Manchin) to remain focussed on dirty fossil fuels instead. Their monthly meeting is at 10am, and they are planning to give yet more approvals to a whole bunch of dirty fracked gas projects!

BXE & friends will lead this action out front of the building to hold signs and banners, and pass out fliers explaining the dangers of FERC's rubber stamping ways, as well as inviting everyone to Earth Day DC the following Saturday. Contact Andy Hinz for more details on roles and opportunities - no experience or familiarity with FERC is required. The event is open to everyone, dogs and babies welcome and encouraged.