Beers and Blooms: An Evening with Lorraine Johnson

Start: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 7:00 PM

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Biodiveristy loss and the climate crisis are closely connected but the good news is, so are the solutions.

We know that the more diverse a garden is the more resilient it is. By incorporating native plants your garden and the wildlife it supports are better able to withstand weather extremes and bounce back from hardship.

Join us for an evening with author and natural garden advocate Lorraine Johnson as we talk about the intersections of climate change and biodiversity. We'll also hear from Jen Baker with the Hamilton Naturalists' Club about what we can do at the local level with Hamilton's new Biodiversity Action Plan.

Whether your journey to learn about native plants or climate action is just beginning, or if you're an experienced gardner, we invite you to join and make some great community connections. All are welcome. No cover charge.

Author Lorraine Johnson

Come early for book signing with Lorraine Johnson. Our friends from The Printed Word bookshop will have a selection of her books for sale at the event.

Hosted by Action 13 at SHED Brewing, 65 Hatt Street, Dundas. Funded in part by the City of Hamilton's One Time Relief grant.

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