Brentwood group travel to school cuts lobby

Start: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 9:30 AM

The nation’s schools have had to cope with years of cuts. Pupil numbers keep rising and there aren’t enough teachers or resources to support them.

The Schools Cuts Campaign reveals that 86% of schools in our area are adversely affected.

That’s why we’re going to the Mass Lobby Against School Cuts in Westminster on 24th October. Together, parents, heads, teachers and support staff will be lobbying MPs for a commitment to reverse school cuts and fully fund schools. We need all MPs to put pressure on the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to commit additional funding for schools when he sets his budget this November.

Our MP, Alex Burghart, has advised that he intends to meet local lobbyists at noon in the Central Lobby of the House of Commons on that day.

A group will be meeting at 09:30 at Brentwood Station to travel together to take part in the lobby and attend the rally. You are very welcome to join us.