Brooklyn Electoral Working Group Tour d'Endorse - Discussion and Vote

Start: Monday, October 11, 2021 7:00 PM

End: Monday, October 11, 202110:00 PM

Join the NYC-DSA Brooklyn Electoral Working Group for our endorsement discussion and recommendation vote for the 2022 election cycle!

For the past two months we've been studying congressional and state legislature districts and hearing from candidates seeking NYC-DSA's endorsement. On October 11th, we’ll be holding the final discussion and vote on which candidate(s) the Brooklyn Electoral Working Group will recommend for endorsement. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and exercise your vote in one of NYC-DSA's most consequential democratic processes.

This will be the final Brooklyn-only EWG meeting in the Tour d'Endorse. Later this month, the process will move to NYC-DSA's geographic branches, and from there to the chapter's Citywide Leadership Committee. You can read more about our full endorsement process here:

NOTE: You can choose to participate in this meeting in-person or over Zoom!

If you would like to attend the meeting in person, you will need to bring proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination status, either in the form of a paper vaccination card, or the NY State Excelsior Pass smartphone app. We will be checking vaccination status at the door and turning away attendees without proof vaccination. Also note that the venue for the meeting (The Sanctuary at First Unitarian Congregational Society) is indoors!

If you would rather attend the meeting over Zoom, we will send out Zoom connection info prior to the meeting.

There is risk of COVID-19 exposure inherent in any large in person event. We seek to minimize that risk by requiring proof of vaccination and masking, but we encourage those who come in-person to also get tested before and 3-5 days after this event, as per CDC guidelines. For those who are in high risk groups for COVID-19 or who interact with high risk groups, we encourage you to attend virtually.

You must be a DSA member in good standing (i.e. you are up to date on your national DSA dues or have a dues waiver) to join this meeting. New members are welcome! If you need to become a member or renew your dues, you can do so at

To participate in the votes that will take place during this meeting, you must be additionally be a voting-eligible member of the Brooklyn Electoral Working Group. That means you must meet two criteria:

  1. You must have been a member of DSA in good standing (i.e. you are up to date on your national DSA dues or have a dues waiver) for at least three months, meaning that you joined DSA before July 2021. If your dues have expired, you must renew them prior to the meeting.

  2. You must have attended at least one meeting of the Brooklyn Electoral WG in the past 12 months, not counting our recent endorsement meetings. A meeting could be: a general body meeting (such as the City Council debrief), a specific committee meeting (such as the recent Finance & Compliance and Data Committee meetings), or a training (such as this spring’s Canva design training). If you have questions about whether a meeting you attend will make you eligible, please feel free to ask.

This meeting will NOT be recorded, and you must attend the meeting the participate in the votes.

We ask that candidates being considered for endorsement and their staff do not attend this meeting, regardless of their DSA membership status or voting eligibility.

If you are not sure if you qualify as a voting-eligible Electoral Working Group member, email the Organizing Committee at

We ask that you RSVP no later than Wednesday, October 10th at 7 p.m., to leave enough time for the BK EWG Organizing Committee to verify your membership and voting eligibility in advance of the meeting on the following Thursday. We will verify late RSVPs as quickly as possible, but you may miss part of the meeting.