Call to Action / Visit Rep. McCaul

Start: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 2:00 PM

In-Person Call to Action

Since Trump signed the executive order barring refugees and immigrants from several Muslim nations (some of which are official allies, none of which do business with the Trump organization) the public outrage has been fierce. Our representative, Michael McCaul, was singled out by Rudy Giuliani as a key contributor to the order. Since then he has waffled back and forth on TV interviews and social media, at times celebrating the order as a win for American security, and at other times criticizing certain aspects of it and downplaying his involvement. His constituents deserve to know what his real position is on a matter of such global importance!

What to Bring

Feel free to write a letter about your feelings on the ban and bring it with you. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to. Bring a relevant protest sign. Supporting others willing to speak is just as important. If they aren’t interested in listening to us speak, we might move forward with a peaceful protest. Children and babies are always welcome!


Meet in the office parking lot at 2 PM promptly. It’s a corporate office park off 360, so it’s a bit hidden.
Rep. McCaul's office is in the Austin Building. Once you enter the complex it's straight ahead and to your left.

Let's let his office know we will not back down.

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