Chris Bowen: We demand a Climate Jobs Guarantee

Start: Sunday, December 04, 202212:00 PM

Labor has committed to taking climate action, but there is a long way to go to solve this crisis. COP27 is a global call for every country to ratchet up ambition to meet the code red emergency we are in. Australia must answer this call and adopt climate justice solutions - through implementing a Climate Jobs Guarantee.

We need a Climate Jobs Guarantee so that we can immediately get to work, solving the climate crisis at the speed scientists tell us we must. A Climate Jobs Guarantee would guarantee everyone a good job doing the work to cut emissions in every industry, prepare for climate impacts and rebuild resilience to cope with climate disasters.

Tomorrow Movement Sydney will be protesting outside Chris Bowen's office and delivering a letter calling on Labor to urgently deliver just solutions that match the scale of the crisis, and implement a Climate Jobs Guarantee. Our demands:

- Implement a Climate Jobs Guarantee, a transformative plan that matches the severity of the climate crisis
- As a first step we are calling for a Senate Inquiry into the climate, jobs and housing crisis. The government must hear from communities about our experience of the intersections of these crises and the solutions communities are already calling for.
- For MP Chris Bowen to speak up in support of the CJG, and to speak with the relevant ministers about a Senate Inquiry into the climate, jobs and housing crisis.

Young people in Sydney support a Climate Jobs Guarantee. There are so many incredible opportunities through decarbonising our economy and creating jobs that make our community more safe, caring and sustainable.

We will present MP Chris Bowen with a letter and ask for his support for a Climate Jobs Guarantee.

The climate emergency is here and there is no time to waste getting to work solving the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Join us!

We are committed to making our events as accessible as possible. If you have any specific accessibility requirements or questions, please contact Maneesha on 0430910212.

We acknowledge that this event will be held on stolen, unceded Darug Land. Tomorrow Movement pays respects to the Traditional and true custodians of the land. There can be no justice under colonisation, and no climate justice without First Nations justice.

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