NYC Protest at Citi HQ: Stop financing genocide!

Start: Tuesday, December 12, 2023 4:00 PM

It’s time to pressure Citibank—a silent partner in Israel’s horrific violence against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Join us on Dec. 12 at 4pm at Citi HQ in NYC where we’ll be calling on Citibank to acknowledge the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and to call for a permanent ceasefire.

Citibank is deeply invested in Israel’s infrastructure, has actively funded Israel’s tech industry (known for powering surveillance from the U.S. to Palestine), and facilitated billions in Israeli military weapon funding.[1]

  • Citibank “boasts the largest foreign financial presence in Israel."[2]

  • Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser committed $1 million to humanitarian organizations operating in Israel.

  • Yet Citi remains silent on the genocidal attacks on Gaza and calls for ceasefire.

On Nov. 30, 7,000 of us tweeted @Citi, sent 8,000 emails and made hundreds of calls. Now we’re showing up at their doorstep.

Join us to send a strong message to Citibank on December 12th that we have choices when it comes to banking—and Citi must stop funding genocide.


Learn more and take action at


1. "Israel,” Citigroup.

2. '’Okay, but Never Again': How Israel Air Force Sealed $9 Billion U.S. Arms Deal,” Haaretz, Feb. 9, 2021.