Rise for Climate Melbourne: Coal out of Politics snap rally!

Start: Friday, September 07, 2018 6:00 PM

Put pressure on coal loving Scott Morrison before his first day in parliament as PM!

Join us in the Melbourne CBD right before Parliament sits again to rise up against the Coalition’s reckless refusal to act on global warming.

The hard-right coal-hugging faction of the Coalition just held a brutal coup to topple a PM who they saw as insufficiently pro-coal, and the new Morrison Government now has NO climate policy AT ALL.

Climate change is already here and hurting people in our communities, bringing more bushfires and droughts, and bleaching the Great Barrier Reef.

The community is streets ahead of this government on global warming; so we’re taking to the streets to make sure everyone sees how out of touch they are.

Eight out of ten Australians who want renewables to be our main source of energy and we will keep at it until we have a government that takes action on global warming and moves our country beyond coal to a sun-powered future.

Scott Morrison’s first day in Parliament as PM will be ushered in by a wave of over 50 snap climate rallies, as people from all walks of life and every corner of the country get out on the streets to push climate change on the political agenda.

For ten years, our political leaders have dragged their heels on taking action on global warming. Enough is enough - it's time for national leadership from all sides of politics.